Pharmacy Services

We at Dorman Healthcare are pleased to offer the following services, facilities and products:


We prepare and dispense NHS, private and veterinary prescriptions. We also give advice and information to you regarding the best use of these medicines. Our dispensary is fully stocked and there are usually three pharmacists on duty. Prescriptions will always be promptly dispensed.

Medicine Containers

Loose tablets and liquids will always be dispensed in containers/bottles with child resistant caps unless we are specifically asked not to do so. Nevertheless all medicines should be securely stored out of reach of children.

Repeat Prescriptions (NHS and Private)

We dispense these at intervals decided by your doctor and you. We collect prescriptions from all local surgeries including Coalisland, Dungannon, Stewartstown and Moy areas. If you authorise us to do so, these will be ready for collection at your convience. Please ask us about this service. Prescription medicine can be delivered to patients who may be housebound.

Unwanted Medicines

We will accept any unused, unwanted or date expired medicine for disposal. This also applies to used injection needles in your yellow sharp boxes.

Healthcare Advice

Our three pharmacists and trained assistants are always available to answer your queries and address minor injuries and ailments. We have a private consultation area if privacy is desirable. We promote a healthy lifestyle involving appropriate exercise, reduced alcohol consumption (no safe limit), smoking cessation, stress management and useful dietary advice.

Medicine Use Reviews (MUR's)

We offer the above service to qualifying patients (no charge) who suffer from respiratory disease or diabetes. This confidential service informs you about your medicines, how to best use them, as well as explaining and solving problems e.g. side affects.

Minor Ailment Service

We can offer you advice and treatment if required for many minor ailments. You do not need an appointment for this programme. Examples of minor ailments include:- Oral / vaginal thrush, mouth ulcers, cold sores, athletes foot, threadworm, head-lice infestation, dehydration / diarrhoea and earwax.

Smoking Cessation

We provide a smoking cessation programme lasting up to 12 weeks and can supply weekly quantities of Nicotine Replacement Theraphy (NRT), behavioral analysis and advice.

Consultation Area

We have a designated seated area for private consultations.


Over The Counter Medicines

We have he full range of over-the-counter medicines and products with three pharmacists and several trained pharmacy assistants to guide you in your need / choice of medicine.


Emergency Supplies Of Prescription Medicines

In an emergency situation only we may be able to supply you with a small quantity of your regular medicine if it is impossible or impractical for you to see a doctor at that time. There will be a charge for this service.

Patient Medication Records

We keep a record of all prescription medicines dispensed to you as well as details such as medicine allergy. This service is compilant with the data protection act and is totally confidential. If you requie information or access, please ask one of the pharmacists.