Photo Services

Here you can see some of the various prhoto services that Dorman Healthcare provide:

Photo Restoration

We all have photographs going back through the generations that have become torn or tarnished that we wish were as good as new. Well thanks to Digital Restoration techniques, we can now lovingly restore your precious photographs back to their original state [and sometimes enhance them].

Repair, restore and enhance your damaged photos and bring your memories back to life. Our artists bring out the story behind every photo. Photographs record the memories of precious moments and loved ones, but with time they become faded or may even be damaged. We can help bring those precious pictures back to life again. We perform services like color correction, red-eye removal, appearance improvement, crack repair, mold removal, and we also replace missing image areas. Our highly trained artists, many of whom are photographers themselves, take great pride in bringing not only the photos back to life, but enhancing the emotion behind each photo. Available in 3 finishes: Black & White, Sepia, and Full Colour..

Full Colour Restoration

We can take a black and white photograph and based on your indications on colour, turn the old black and white photo into full colour.

Restore To Black And White

We can take a badly faded or damaged black and white photograph and restore it to it's original black and white original.

Restore To Original Colour

We can take your original black and white or faded colour photograph and restore them to full glorious colour!

Restore To Sepia

We can take an old faded or badly coloured old photograph and restore it to the original sepia photograph.

Fairy Stories

We will take your little princesses on journeys through mystical wonderlands. Let your little girl express the beauty inside through a wide variety of colors and settings, from sitting elegantly on the moon to floating over clouds. With a sprinkle of fairy-dust, our magical transformations will take kids into a fairy dream world. Below are a few examples from our range. Please call into our store to see more of our collection. The images below show the original photograph and the transformed princess!

Moon Fairy

Cloud Fairy

Jungle Bridge Fairy

Spell Book Flying Fairy

Spell Book Fairy

Lilypad Flying Fairy

Pink Flying Fairy

Lilypad Sitting Fairy

Baby Poems

Nothing captures the innocence and love of early childhood like these classic nursery rhymes. Create customized heartwarming works of art, including posters, t-shirts and mugs, as memento and gifts for your child or family and friends.

Select from 5 endearing poem themed templates: Twinkle Twinkle, Strawberry Patch, Little Jack Pumpkin, Hickory Dickory Dock, and Rain, Rain Go Away.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Little Jack Pumpkin

Rain Rain, Go Away

Strawberry Patch

Photo Kiosks

Dorman Healthcare shoppers can now access and upload smartphone and tablet images to create photo gifts, greeting cards and more using our photo Kiosks. We can even print your online photos from Facebook and other social media websites!

New apps for IPhone, Andriod & Smartphone. printing.
Print from Cameras, SD Cards, DVD/CD, Bluetooth, DropBox, Facebook, Flicker, Instagram & Picasa
Create Easy Gifts:- Easy Calendars, Greeting Cards, Cups & Mugs